Executive Education

Courses for Individuals

Lead through knowledge. Open enrollment courses build your own knowledge base and sharpen your edge.

Certificate Programs

The cD+i’s Certificate in BusinessDESIGN is at the forefront of management education. Complete the Business is Design course and two additional modules within two years and receive recognition of your commitment to learning and advancement. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Programs

Does your organization have a particular challenge you need to solve? Do you want to take your employees to the next level? Custom programs are available to tailor our proprietary methods to your particular need. We will help you build a smarter organization. Contact us to learn more.

About Executive Education

  • How do you mobilize the collective power of your organization?
  • How do you become a visionary leader that inspires the best in all of your employees?
  • How do you design an organization with a perpetual engine for innovation?

To succeed in today’s economy, business professionals must have the tools to understand the present and to design the future. But perpetual innovation requires new organizational forms, different logic and collaborative settings. It demands shifts in culture and attitudes. In the Executive Education Programs offered by the Center for Design+Innovation, participants will use design methods and attitudes as a lens to address these challenges.

Join us as we redesign business.